4chan Trolls Flood Laid Off HuffPost, BuzzFeed Reporters with Death Threats


Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
I'm pretty sure most rational people don't care if an actual Nazi gets a punch to the face.

So are you defending Nazi's now? Like you keep defending the Proud Boy's violence?

Or just trying to distract from your "selective" outrage all the time?

Again, simple question, are death threats a bad thing?

Yes or No.
See here's what "it's ok to punch Nazis" gets you.

Whatever Keenan said, both Marines testified that Keenan, Massey, and approximately ten other people — men and women, some masked and some unmasked — then began attacking them with mace, punches, and kicks, and calling them “nazis” and “white supremacists.”
Read more at Marines Testify About the “Antifa Mob” They Say Attacked Them in Philly
The men they were attacking were US Marines of Hispanic descent.

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