600,000 healthcare workers plan strike in the UK

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Over 600,000 healthcare workers plan on striking over not receiving a pay raise this year. Holy crap I cant imagine all the nurses and healthcare workers in a country going on strike at once!

"Some NHS staff will get the one per cent pay rise, the Government announced yesterday in an annual review of public sector pay but more than half - including 70 per cent of nurses - who are already on a scheme called the “progression pay increase” will not get the salary boost.

Staff receive the annual increment as they gain more skills. The Department of Health said it represented a two per cent increase per year and claimed their policy would make NHS pay fairer.

"Even a one per cent increase would have been “nowhere near enough” to match the cost of living increases for NHS staff, who they said were on average 10 per cent worse off than when the Coalition came to power. More than a third of non-medical NHS staff are paid less than £21,000 and the bottom two pay bands are below the Living Wage.

600,000 NHS workers threaten strike after 'insult' of no pay rise - Home News - UK - The Independent


Former Staff
Dec 2013
Can't imagine a strike, what chaos that would be.
Not getting any type of a wage increase to bring them up to Living Wage, is sad.