70 Guns & 1,000's Of Rounds Of Ammo Stolen From Cleveland Area Home

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio


Police are investigating the theft of about 70 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition from a suburban Cleveland home.

Garfield Heights police say the thieves likely targeted the home because of the large firearms collection.

The resident reported that he was awoken by a gunshot last week and confronted by two men who demanded to know where his guns were.

He said the thieves grabbed the guns and ammunition from a safe and stuffed them into pillow cases before they escaped.

No arrests have been made.
Police: About 70 guns stolen from home near Cleveland | WSYX

Ironical that a gun nut lost his guns in an armed home invasion.

Jeeze Louise! What would possess anyone to collect so many guns?

It probably is possible to insure against this loss by paying for a rider on your homeowner's insurance, but query whether that is contrary to public policy?

Your thoughts?
Feb 2010
Sunny Bournemouth, Dorset
He's one of the three per cent who own 48% of America's civilian guns. Well, he used to be.
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Former Staff
Nov 2006
They should criminalize breaking into someone’s home and stealing their things. That would stop it.
Jul 2011
Well there is how banning weapons will work, you'll just see more of this.
Actually, quite the opposite. Had those weapons been banned - and were he a law abiding citizen - they would not have been there to be stolen, and distributed to the criminal underworld. See how that works?

A similar burglary in Australia or the UK would have netted the thieves sod all in the way of firearms. :D
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