74 YO Woman Gives Birth to Twins

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
A 74-year-old woman from southern India has given birth to her first children, twin girls, Thursday, possibly becoming the oldest woman ever to give birth, local outlets report.

Mangayamma Yaramati opted for in vitro fertilization after years of being unable to conceive, reported the Times of India. She gave birth via cesarean section, and is currently in intensive care "to come out of the stress" of giving birth, doctors said.

"Both mother and the infants are healthy and have no complications whatsoever,” said Dr. Sankayyala Uma Shankar, director of Ahalya Hospital in the city of Guntur, to the Hindustan Times.

Uma Shankar, who is reportedly the doctor who delivered the babies, told the Washington Post that she is 74, according to a provided birth certificate. Other news outlets have reported that she is 73.

"We are the happiest couple on Earth today," said her husband, Sitarama Rajarao, to the Times of India. "We have our own children."

Mangayamma pursued IVF after a neighbor in her 50s became pregnant through the method, said Uma Shankar.

Yaramati said that not having a child was a source of guilt. "People looked at me with accusing eyes as if I had committed a sin," she said to the Times of India.

Her health, said Uma Shankar, was "constantly monitored" by medical experts throughout her pregnancy.

But the pregnancy has raised alarm among local doctors. Buchipudi Samba Siva Reddy, the chair of the local medical council, told the Times of India that the doctors allowing her to carry children to term via IVF is "a debatable issue."

Representatives from Ahalya did not immediately respond to a request for comment from USA TODAY.

How incredibly selfish! These parents and their fertility doctor should be facing arrest for this Frankenstein arrangement.

Your thoughts?

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How incredibly selfish! These parents and their fertility doctor should be facing arrest for this Frankenstein arrangement.

Your thoughts?
Very weird...

Oldest woman I had previously known to become a mother, is Alla Pugacheva, Russia's most famous pop singer, an icon of showbiz over there since the Soviet era, lovingly referred to as the "Prima Donna" of Russian music

She is 70 years old now. Back in 2011, she married Maxim Galkin, singer and comic and her own protege, who is nearly 30 years younger than her (it was a HUGE scandal, at the time; much more so, I would add, than if a man her age married a much younger woman, which is much more common over there, God knows... lol)

In 2013, they had their twins, Liza (Elizaveta) and Garri. They came from their parents genetic material, but, of course, Pugacheva didn't actually carry them to term herself, they hired a young surrogate mother (this became legal in Russia in 2011 (over much huffing and puffing by the Orthodox Church, who thinks its sinful), and plenty of celebrities and other wealthy people there have made use of it since...

I will say this...

Pugacheva and Galkin are a very rich couple; I mean VERY rich; they live in their own fucking CASTLE that they built for themselves after their wedding, in a picturesque, though funnily named village in Moscow region called Gryazi (literally "Dirt"/"Mud" lmao)

The people of Gryazi now think of them as their Lord & Lady, and themselves as their loyal subjects :D

Pugacheva's daughter from first marriage (and she's had like at least six husbands, btw lmao), Kristina Orbakaite, is a famous pop star in own right

And she's a couple years older than Galkin too, btw :D Bloody cougar, old Alla...

And Alla's favorite grandson, Kristina's eldest, Nikita Presnyakov, is now very successful in own right, has own group (punk or something like that, I believe), called "Multiverse"

His father, Vladimir Presnyakov, one of Kristina's exes (she likes to trade men like gloves, just like her mama haha) is another huge superstar in Russian music.

Here, both parents at Nikita's wedding in 2017
My point here, is this: if Alla were to, God forbid, kick the bucket, ten years from now, their now 16 or so year old kids will be well taken care of regardless, by their much younger and equally wealthy father, plus that whole big, tight-nit celebrity clan.

Hell, Alla Pugacheva is someone who counts both Putin and Lukashenko, dictator of neighboring brotherly Belarus, among her personal friends

No child of this woman will ever know what NEED is... ;)

OTOH, this poor lady in India, having a kid at such advanced age... Just plain irresponsible, in my opinion.

I said same, at the time, about Lamara Kelesheva, a woman in Moscow

She is 66 now. Back in 2008, she lost her son to some awful illness. To her sorrow, he never did have any grandkids for her, before he died. It seems she read that politicians then were already debating lifting the prohibition on surrogacy, so preserved her son's sperm, for potential future use. Three years later, in 2011, when it became legal, she quickly hired two surrogate girls. And each gave her a set of healthy twins! :D

The kids today


I am ecstatic for her, totally, but again, average life expectancy for a Russian woman is like 76. In Moscow itself - slightly above 80. Which means she has 14 years average, at least in good health, to now raise these four from 8 years old, where they are now. I hope she has a hell of a support system too...

My opinion - don't play God. He or Nature or who/whatever created natural birth cycles for a damn reason...
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I wouldn’t go as far as arresting them, but for me it’s extremely irresponsible on the part of the doctor / parents.
Not too sure why this lady, or others like her, don’t listen to their bodies clock called menopause. I kinda get the culture part mentioned in the article, but damn it makes me wonder if they will even live to their kids 5th birthday. Who takes care of the kids after that?
Effin weird to say the least.
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Viagra induced maybe? :lol:
You know, it's funny, I think what happened over there, they have all this passion stored up their whole life, now finally pouring out...

You must understand, those older people in Russia, their youth years would have been VERY reserved and repressed, for most of them.

In Soviet Union, morality norms were hugely conservative, it was something akin to Victorian England there, actually, in many ways lol

All "depravities and perversions" were the providence of the evil, degraded, decadent, amoral West, especially, of course, America (including homosexuality, which was very strictly criminalized back then, btw); sexual scenes, or even characters making out was non-existent, unthinkable, and unimaginable in Soviet cinema and TV shows; Natalia Seleznyova, a Soviet actress, is remembered forever as the first to ever actually wear a bikini-type outfit in a Soviet movie lol

It was a totally innocuous scene, in a comedy about the life of some university students in their dorm, in mid-1960s. But, it has immortalized Seleznyova to this day haha

But, yeah, Soviet love was supposed to be wholesome and pure, period.

So, dating back then was an equally subdued and maximally DISpassionate affair.

Today, it is normal for young Russians, when they hook up, first and foremost, to paw each other all over, check out one another's body, especially so for the guys, of course

Back then, your hands were kept strictly to yourself; young people barely even touched each other at all, on a date, before marriage, even kissing was kept to a bare minimum, certainly not on the lips; a quick one on the forehead at most

Often, the girl's mother or, more commonly, an older aunt or even her grandma would be following the couple at a discreet and yet all too visible distance, specifically to see that the young man doesn't allow himself too damn much haha She would stand over the two of them like a damn hawk, and clear her throat loudly whenever the boy gets too handsy or something :D

So, of course, as you may imagine, young people from that era actually grew up STARVED for normal sexual relations lmfao

But, then, they would come of age in, say, the 80s. Nobody had time for hooking up; shops were empty, running out of basic food

and the whole fucking country was crumbling to the abyss

Then, in the 90s, most people were too fucking busy just trying to survive, financially, and some physically too, when armed gangs ruled the streets, with police and the government essentially reduced to irrelevancy and total chaos reigning in most regions; and basically, if you had a gun on you, you were somebody, you could do whatever the fuck you want; and if you didn't, you were fucked

In first decade of the 2000s, Putin, I'll give him that, stabilized the country, strengthened the economy, and the security forces. People could more or less breath easy once more. But, now, they had new worries: they had kids now, and those kids needed to be set up for a good life, helped to get into better universities, and then into careers, etc.

So, they had to wait another bloody decade :D

It was only in 2010s, especially late 2010s, they decided, many of them, fuck it, we've survived the 80s and the 90s, and raised our kids, and took care of our grandkids too.

We deserve to fucking LIVE now too, ourselves hehe

And they are learning how to, from those own grand-kids too, now, ironically :)

You know, it's hilarious. I am reading this book right now, came out late last year.

Basically, there is this social experiment reality project; they take a bunch of modern young Russians, volunteers, and put them into this abandoned village in Siberia, where they completely recreate life in 1970s USSR for them. No internet or smart phones (everyone is searched for devices and secret jammers are also installed). No modern TV, just old sets with prerecorded stuff from that era (mostly idiotic Communist propaganda shows, of course haha). They are even forced to wear clothes from that time and eat the food that regular people at in those days. No privacy either, they each live with older people, actors, portraying their parents or guardians, who follow them around on dates and such, as I described. And who also control the one TV in the apartment too, btw lmao

Long story short, I am through half of the book now, and already some of them are screaming at those curators/chaperones of those: "How the fuck could you people live back then, like this?! I want to kill myself already, after a few weeks! How did you live like this for years and years?!"

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