9 out of 10 Filipinos want PH to regain control of WPS – SWS

Jul 2018
North Carolina
Does the Philippines' have the naval power to enforce any of this?

Shoot yeah (Mater voice)

Seriously though nothing that can pose any kind of plausible threat IMO. Not yet anyway, but with a lot more help from us then that answer will be yes as mentioned / alluded to in post # 9. @HCProf

Also as mentioned in post #10 (@The Man) with allied support China will not even thinketh IMO.
Jun 2013
Only way that would work, is if all those Pacific countries with disputes with China unite together against them, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, etc. A Pacific NATO, basically...
I just heard a discussion by a representative from Malaysia today who said they were concerned as well. China wields a lot of power, if for no other reason than its population size as well as how many corporations from around the world farm out their labor to Chinese factory workers. It is also one hell of a big economy, when it comes to what it buys and sells.

This will be interesting.....