911 call records US politician 'beating wife'

Mar 2015
Chris Corley: 911 call records US politician 'beating wife

The children of a South Carolina politician accused of battering his wife can be heard screaming "just stop, Daddy" on a 911 call recording.

Republican representative Chris Corley has been charged with first degree domestic violence and pointing a firearm at a person.

The call was made on Monday evening, and released by police to local media.

Mr Corley, 36, recently voted for legislation toughening punishments for domestic violence.

"Just stop Daddy. Just stop...Daddy, why are you doing this?'' can be heard in a recording released to the Aiken Standard newspaper.

Chris Corley: 911 call records US politician 'beating wife' - BBC News


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The 36-year-old attorney is known for his efforts to keep the Confederate flag flying outside the South Carolina state house.

The flag was removed in July 2015 after the massacre of nine people in a black church in Charleston by white supremacist Dylann Roof.

During a debate on the issue last year Mr Corley suggested that the Confederate flag should be replaced with the white flag of surrender.

The south shall rise again! But in the meantime beating his wife will have to do.
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