A brief intro

Oct 2019
Hi all,

Thanks for having me.

Being moderately left, have come to realize the extent of the harm that has been coming from the partisanship that's been escalating over the past few years.

- Not left enough to avoid the hate brigades and doxing attempts on Twitter
- Facebook is for friends and family (and besides being the biggest echo chamber)
- Even reddit has the unwritten requirement of acceptance of even some of the most extreme progressive views or Carrie's the risk of deplatforming
- The chans are nearly the same but on the opposite extreme (That was until progressive agendas determined that they are not allowed to exist on the internet, side point - do we not recognize the dangers that this kind of push towards tyrannical rules creates?)

Here I am, trying to avoid entering one of those echo chambers that shut down any voices not singing with the choir. I've been somewhat impressed that we seem to tolerate a diversity of viewpoints around here, so, I've come to dip a toe hoping that it's more than the facade.

See you around.
May 2019
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