'A brutal dinner': celebrities talk about meeting Donald Trump


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he doesn't seem to be able to put words together in an way that generates meaning. he kind of just says things that make his followers feel things. if you're not a follower, there's not really much use for anything he says.


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I can understand him spliffing up in order to nullify the self congratulatory BS, and I doubt it has anything to do with being weak, or whatever those who believe they are 'in the know' state. Speeches are dull and if the speaker is dull witted, it's even worse.
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Sneaking away to smoke pot because you can't deal is a bitch move. hahahahaaaaa

Why do we care what actors think? Do we really need an actor to tell us trump is boorish?
Why Hillary was schmoozing with Hollywood , Trump went to Wisconsin. So-Called 'Celebs" suck. Besides ,they have no talent. Like to see one of 'em do Shakespeare on Stage. Why would Movie actors matter. Except Reagan ,of course. He became our greatest President.


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I don't particularly admire Trump. But you know who did? Hollywood. How do you think Trump got that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Celebrities like Harrelson spent years palling around with Trump. Send Woody Harrelson a dinner invite and see what kind of response you get. They laughed it up with him on talk shows. They gave him cameos in movies and TV shows. They treated him like New York royalty and like he was some kind of super competent businessman. They gave him his own tv show based on that premise.
People like Harrelson spent decades normalizing Trump. So pardon me if I don't buy into them acting like they knew better all along. You could flip open a phone book and pick a name at random and I would care more about that person's political opinion than I do the average Hollywood celebrity's.

"I don't particularly admire Trump."


Sure. Just like you didn't particularly vote for him.

And I'm going to call bullshit on your post (as usual), too. He was never embraced by "Hollywood" and especially, never "treated like royalty" in NY. Most New Yorkers loathed him for as long as he's been in the public eye. He was, however, a consummate attention whore who literally did anything to get his name in the papers and hear himself interviewed on TV or radio.

Moreover, if it wasn't for the jerkoff Mark Burnett, 3/4 of America still wouldn't have the slightest idea of who he was.