"A collective shrug"--Sarah Palin's fall from grace


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Apr 2007
Sarah Palin's fall from media stardom - CNN.com

(CNN) -- There was a time, as she emerged from the rubble of the 2008 campaign, when Sarah Palin was the hottest cultural figure in America.

People loved her. People hated her. She had transcended the narrow bounds of politics to become a larger-than-life figure, the woman portrayed by Tina Fey, the mama grizzly from Alaska. Every journalist in the country knew that if you put Palin's name in an online headline or television segment, your clicks and ratings would soar.

Little wonder that Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes rushed to sign her as a million-dollar-a-year contributor and built a modern studio for Palin in her Wasilla home.

By the time word trickled out Friday that Palin's contract would not be renewed, the reaction was a collective shrug.

Even on Fox, you need more gravity than Palin can muster, I guess.
Oct 2010
First ATLAS Shrugged and now the rest of us.

She suffered a bit from being OVER exposed.

Seriously, her husband goes on dances with the Stars??? her daughter gets a reality show??


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Jan 2008
Most Insidious
In the end Sarah Palin is just kind of a simple lady, Fox news need BIG, giant assholes saying crazy shit all the time to rile up the crowd.
It would've helped had she had more than three different possible reactions to every story:

1. It's unconstitutional.
2. It's unpatriotic.
3. Let's do this for the troops.