A lot of anti Israel policies start under the Obama Administration, and it got worsts & worse.

Nov 2014
North Carolina
There is an odd hostility toward Israel emerging on the democratic side of the aisle. I don't really understand it. When it comes to sympathetic corners of the globe - Palestine doesn't exactly rate high on my list.
Nov 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
Now, as we've been informed by one of our resident conspiracy theorists, President Trump doesn't make mistakes in spelling. Rather, he pretends to in order to send secret messages about the Deep State.

So obviously the next step is to figure out what 'worsts' is referring to. A quick google search for 'worsts' led me to a list of worst films of 2018; in which the top of the list was Fifty Shades Freed. Thus pointed towards the theme of sado-masochism, I searched for 'Obama BDSM'. That was, in retrospect, a mistake, but it did point to a nutjob forum where people were discussing Obama's mother's career as a softcore BDSM porn star.

Is Trump trying to tell us something about Obama's mother? Obviously some story about her links to the deep state is about to break, somehow involving Jews.

You heard it here first, folks.