a new view to the contracts of our elected representatives

Jan 2008
Vertiform City
That's right, I said contracts. Why? Because you can't sue someone for violating their oath. Heck, you can't even impeach 'em for that reason.

Here's what I think: our elected representatives are ripping us off. So, to make sure we're getting our money's worth, I propose a small change in how we view the job role of "elected representative".

First of all, I propose that elected officials be treated exactly like enlistees in the military. They have no rights. They give up all their rights the moment they walk in the door and sign the papers.

After that, they get surveiled 24/7. With electronic locators, same as the paroled prisoners wear. And all the stuff they do, 24 hours a day, is broadcast on C-SPAN IV so everyone can see it, even people overseas.

Then, let's see who still wants the job.