A president arguing with a dead guy


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So I did a keyword search for thread topics this week.. and judging from the number of threads, a pressing current event is the president of a country thats in an ongoing twitter fight with a dead guy. Search results for query: mccain AND trump

seriously. the POTUS. arguing with a dead guy. on twitter. I'm not sure which section this thread should go in; Current Events, Political Discussion, Healthcare, Historical, Humor, Conspiracy Theories, etc.. Hmm although I'm a history buff who would love to discuss the historic nature of this (ie King George going crazy, Hamlet talking to a skull, Caligula making his horse a consul in the Roman senate), methinks I'll put this thread in Healthcare section because this seems to be a trump mental health issue.

Conservatives issue a clarion call on Trump's mental health - March 19, 2019
Given what we know about Donald Trump and the presidency, I have been suggesting for a long time that his mental status will not get any better and can only get worse. As that prediction materializes, the president’s behavior has triggered several conservatives to issue warnings about his deteriorating mental health.

The most comprehensive comes from Peter Wehner, who served under three Republican presidents and is now a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative think tank. Reacting to some of Trump’s more inflammatory tweets over the weekend, Wehner refers to the president as “a damaged soul with a disordered personality.”
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