A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq

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If the US wants to suppress/contain ISIS style activity then we have to supply troops. If the goal is to really crush them then we would need more troops, not less. But the political opposition to the Administration would scream bloody murder if Trump proposed increasing troop levels.

The Middle East is a political/religious/ideological clusterfuck. But there is also a bunch of oil. So the world economies don't get to just ignore it.

No good solutions. Although helping to keep Israel safe/independent is a valid persistent goal.

Israel has the most powerful military in that region today. They are under no threat lol

And the US and Canada have enough oil to supply ourselves for generations ahead.
Apr 2018
Nothing I said was untrue, even if your nonsensical response consists of posting a video.

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At some point the ME is going to have to be on their own to deal with ISIS.

Trump didn't defeat ISIS but he certain won that battle with them. Their reformation or regrouping had to be expected (as outlined in the article).

But as we see, that wasn't a part of the concern when pulling troops out. For better or for worse.

Im just glad our troops are out for the most part. Its time we let muslim men fight muslim wars

Rev. Hellh0und

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Jul 2011
Somewhere below 14th and East.
Obama had to honor the agreements Bush made.

Calling ISIS jv was a way of belittling them. You aren't too sharp.

Bullshit. That was the propaganda and spin. Are you saying obama couldnt have said “oh shit, we need to stay a little longer”.

Im way sharper, fitter, and richer than you. Plus Im. A straight ten to your probably 5. ;)

Lol @ “the honor”


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They didn't create ISIS.. We did. This is the outcome of the invasion of Iraq.
Okay, but we can't just sit by and relish in facts.

Forward thinking suggests that the ME will need to deal with ISIS itself at some point - as they have been attempting. Iraqis agree.
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