A sign of the times.


Jan 2015
Left coast
About a year ago, BBC announced that they were "upgrading" their news site to better accommodate all the mobile users that now access their site.

As is typical, for about 2 weeks things were wonky, but no big deal, but I did notice one thing. All of a sudden, basically all sentences were treated as a paragraph on its own.

I guess it is easier to read on your smartphone that way.

But when you C&P a story from them to a forum or email, the spaces between sentences disappears and it looks dumb. When I do that here I go through the bother of manually inserting spaces to make it more readable, but what a pain.

And now I notice, and I access them so seldom I have no idea when it happened, CNN does the same.

The smartphones are taking over. And you were afraid of AI.
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