A Stark Racial Bias In The Media

Jul 2016
8/20/19 PH HISTORY!
How black criminals are treated with disdain while white criminals and their families are treated with sympathy.

If anyone says racial bias doesn't exist in the US, show them these two sets of pictures

Although the internet has its fair share of downsides, one plus point is how it enables a wide discussion of complex topics.
Subjects like race, which typically went under-discussed in a traditionally white-dominated media, are now being debated in a much more open and democratic way.
At indy100, we frequently report on incidents of horrific racism that have always been happening, but thanks to social media are only now getting anywhere near attention they deserve.
But sadly, when it comes to accurate and proper representation of people of colour (POC) in the media, there’s still some way to go.
Too often POC are characterised as the perpetrators of crime, while white people receive favourable coverage. This is not only stereotypical but inaccurate.
Jan 2014
Mr. B,

Not for nothing, but doesn't the guy who killed his family in Colorado look even more horrificly psychotic by showing the good family life he had?

And doesn't the guy who killed his daughter's rapist look sympathetic with his look of sadness and remorse?
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