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Nov 2016
...let's start with the mother

On this site and in other discussions on the internet I have seen various comments concerning the mother and her plight. As far as I can remember on this thread, certain issues have not been addressed and so I would like to address them now.

Over the years what I have seen concerning abortion is anything but pretty, nice or humane as there are two people that suffer greatly behind this agenda and for the most part there is one who loses their life... I say 'most part' because there are times where the mother loses her life in ways she probably never expected due to abortion.

Many times in the news we have seen the horrors of mothers killing their own children and the first response is anger and disgust from the general population. Why is this usually the first reaction? Most likely because killing ones own child is not natural and in fact goes against nature. Because of this many women go through deep depressions after an abortion and some become suicidal.

It's difficult for me to understand why anyone would support abortion on demand, and I have to wonder if it's not due to lack of knowledge as abortion scares women (and men I might add) for life.


Although pregnancy weakens suicidal impulses, there is strong evidence that abortion dramatically increases the risk of suicide. According to a 1986 study by researchers at the University of Minnesota, a teenage girl is 6 times more likely to attempt suicide if she has had an abortion in the last six months than is a comparable teenage girl who has not had an abortion.(2) Other studies have found similar statistical significance between a history of abortion and suicide attempts among adults. Thus, the actual data suggests that abortion is far more likely to drive an unstable woman to suicide than is pregnancy and childbirth.

This abortion/suicide link is well known among professionals who counsel suicidal persons. For example, Meta Uchtman, director of the Cincinnati chapter of Suiciders Anonymous, reported that in a 35 month period her group worked with 4000 women, of whom 1800 or more had abortions. Of those who had abortions, 1400 were between the ages of 15 and 24, the age group with the fastest growing suicide rate in the country.
This one is a Scandinavian/Eurpoean report:
Women's Health After Abortion


Within 12 months of the abortion or live delivery, Scandinavian women who aborted experienced a suicide rate of 34.9 per 1000, compared to a suicide rate of 5.9 per 1000 for women who delivered their babies. This is a suicide rate nearly six times greater. (Gissler et al., British Medical Journal, 1996) [WHAA, 193)

A similar study in Wales discovered that women who aborted experienced a suicide rate 3.25 times greater (Morgan et al., BMJ, 1987) [WHAA, 196-7]
A similar study in the U.S. found a suicide rate 2.6 times greater (Reardon et al., Archives of Women’s Mental Health, 2001) [WHAA, 197]
Mental Health

A study sponsored by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario found that after three months, aborted women had a rate of 5.2 per thousand hospitalizations for psychiatric problems, compared to a rate of 1.1 per thousand for the control group. (Ostbye et al., American Journal of Medical Quality, 2001) [WHAA, 3]

Recently (Nov. 2006), a rigorously neutral study from New Zealand has uncovered a strong correlation between induced abortion and subsequent mental health problems. By every measure, whether it is major depression, anxiety disorder, suicidal ideation, alcohol dependence, illicit drug dependence, or mean number of mental health problems, those who terminated their pregnancy by abortion suffered much higher rates of disorder than those who were never pregnant, and those who were pregnant but did not abort. After ‘covariate adjustment’, they found that those in the ‘not pregnant’ and ‘pregnant no abortion’ categories ran far lower risks of suffering various disorders.
This site gives a comprehensive view of abortion from different angles, such as the father, health risks, stats, etc from all over the world:
suicide | After Abortion

Concerning the first article in this link I don't concur with the pro-abortionists findings, as they have at stake a multi-billion dollar industry to protect- remember, abortion is about money. Period. I will go into more detail at the end of my post.

Abortion and Suicide | The Life Resources Charitable Trust

"Abortion increases the likelihood of suicide," is the finding of research in the United States, Britain and Finland. After an abortion a woman has to deal with painful issues of grief and loss. Keeping the baby reduces the risks of suicide because the mother lives to care for her child.

The Finland study revealed a six-fold increased rate of deaths from suicide among aborting women. BMJ 1996;313:1431-1434

A study conducted in Wales on 408,000 women between 1991 and 1995, found that women who had induced abortions were 225 percent more likely to commit suicide, than women admitted for normal delivery. BMJ 1997; 314:902

A recent American study came up with similar results, examining the medical records of 173,279 low-income women who had abortions in 1989. Four years later the annual suicide rate was found to be 160 percent higher among the aborting women than those who delivered their babies. Study
Because abortion is such a controversial issue and is a legal remedy to an unwanted pregnancy, many professional organisations prefer to avoid reference to any negative consequences.

Medical and mental health websites, globally and in New Zealand, typically do not list or mention any link between abortion and suicide.

While the reason for this lack of mention and recognition could be due to the contentious issues surrounding abortion, possible "politicisation", it may just as well be simple ignorance of the overseas research.

The significance of the 1997 Finnish study was that it was government-funded, secular, and based on medical records.

By linking death certificates directly to payment records for births and abortions, the researchers were able to get an accurate picture of maternal deaths. However, the results have been widely ignored.

The primary reason given for suicide after an abortion, is the long-term clinical depression suffered by a percentage of women. This post-abortion grief or trauma can lead to abusing drugs and alcohol, with an added risk of suicide.
It is my strong belief based on common sense and understanding grief that women are not being told the truth prior to their abortions. Some Pro-Abortion leaders/advocates are not telling the whole story, they are telling a story of all being wonderful after having the right to rid ones self of their problem.

Society is even worse ushering in 'the sexual revolution' touting 'free sex', 'do whatever you want with your body' ... not ever showing the reality of sex where ever, with whoever when ever one wants... so irresponsible.