About Calling Adam Schiff , the WB, Hunter Biden, as a Witnesses in the Senate Trial. Can they do that? Should they?

the watchman

Former Staff
Jul 2011
becoming more and more
This , of course, would be huge mistake for Republican's. Say what you will about Adam Schiff, he didn't use his authority as chairman to call any of his fellow members as witnesses. In fact, truth be told, he put up with a lot of crap he really didn't have to put up with. That said. I highly doubt he's actually going to be called as a witness. If he is, that opens the door to allowing for Republican's to be called as witnesses as well. After all, one of the central defenses of Trump is that the process has been unfair. There's that. Plus, it's likely going to be the case the Schiff will be the one prosecuting the case. Will Justice Roberts allow Republican's to turn the Senate trial into a circus? The Republican's would have to change the Senate Impeachment rules. That would put them on record. And , quite frankly, I doubt if they have the votes.