Accused Russian agent Butina met with U.S. Treasury, Fed officials

Dec 2014
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She's been around the block a few times it seems.

Accused Russian agent Butina met with U.S. Treasury, Fed officials

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina had wider high-level contacts in Washington than previously known, taking part in 2015 meetings between a visiting Russian official and two senior officials at the U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury Department.

The meetings, revealed by several people familiar with the sessions and a report from a Washington think tank that arranged them, involved Stanley Fischer, Fed vice chairman at the time, and Nathan Sheets, then Treasury undersecretary for international affairs.

Butina travelled to the United States in April 2015 with Alexander Torshin, then the Russian Central Bank deputy governor, and they took part in separate meetings with Fischer and Sheets to discuss U.S.-Russian economic relations during Democratic former President Barack Obama’s administration.

The two meetings, which have not been previously reported, reveal a wider circle of high-powered connections that Butina sought to cultivate with American political leaders and special interest groups.



Oct 2009
Yes, this is clearly a well-organized infiltration operation years in the making.

One would hope she is either the meat and potatoes of it, or they know of and are tracking all of her accomplices, hoping they slip up and incriminate themselves or reveal information. Unfortunately, it is probably best to assume she is only the first layer of the onion, and a fairly junior one at that. Contrary to the scenes you see in "The Americans," honey traps are typically throwaway assets — a truly dangerous spy has no need to use sex to open doors, and a valuable agent wouldn't be asked to lower themselves to that level, for fear of demoralizing them.

Altogether, it represents how Russia has absolutely no respect for either our sovereignty or our capacity to defend it. So long as this continues, any talks with them are at best a waste of time. That the president is insisting on continuing his submissive diplomatic approach in the face of these developments, without so much as mentioning them in Putin's presence, is highly suspect.
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