Active shooter in Dayton, Ohio

Apr 2015
I think that would be a terrible idea. I can see, maybe asking a cop or someone to come in and explain gun safety and show them a gun but to teach them to use a gun would not be good. Many parents would not sign that permission slip. I would like to see safety classes incorporated into health classes. Just to make sure if a child lives in a home with a gun, they know not to touch it.
It was mandatory in my high school for all juniors, it was part of the health classes. Firearm safety training with live fire training on the high school campus. No permission slip offered or required.
Mar 2019
Background Checks would save lives, safety classes would save lives, and banning assault rifles will save lives.
Background check systems are only as good as the data behind them. We need better data sharing. NOT more background checks. What person with criminal intent is going to participate in a safety class? Folks who want to legally possess a firearm or who are applying for a concealed carry permit are going to participate in them. Folks actually interested in safety NOW are going to participate. Forcing a buyer to sit through a safety class will do nothing if they're not interested or are only in it because they're forced to.

Actual "assault rifles" are highly regulated under the NFA. You can't just walk into a gun store, buy it and leave with it that same day. The NFA process can take months if not over a year to complete. It requires a very extensive background check.

I guess you don't like saving lives.
Based on what? Why do you guys always push this idea if someone doesn't agree with you about your concept of "gun control"?

10 kids die every day from guns they get from their parents. .
You can't legislate people into being better parents.

Make people responsible for storing their guns safely
"Make" them? How? Who is going to enforce your concept of gun safety?

This isn't just about mass killings!
So what's this about then? Saving lives? Then focus on what takes the most lives.
Mar 2019
You have to pass a test and, if it turns out you are a shitty driver, you get your license revoked.
Driving is a privilege. Not a right.

The second amendment isnt absolute and our militia doesn’t look very well regulated.
But the right to keep and bear is most definitely being infringed upon . . . more and more every day.

Also, a militia cannot overthrow a tyrannical government as 2A intended because the government has tanks and planes and bombs. So the 2A as written, is obsolete
So you think the government is going to destroy the country by using tanks, planes and bombs? Dude.

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