Active shooter


Sep 2014
This Country is as violent as South America. Instead of gang related violence, which we have as well...our biggest threat is the violently mentally ill. So sad to see this every week.
Dec 2015
It seems there will be no end. It seems there is nothing we can do, and there is nothing we can do. There will be no end.

We are utterly cursed.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
I have been saying all along because of all the incitement, the violence would increase after the mid-terms.

Not 24 hours post mid-terms and here we go .....
Oct 2013
It is the new norm. Sadly many of the times it is young people who are targeted and killed. I think we are numb to it at this point because we know exactly what we can do to lower the instances of mass killings but we are resigned to being targets of people with guns killing us in unthinkable numbers.

I figured when an entire classroom filled with tiny children in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade were slaughtered we'd do something. I just think fighting against gun regulation and safety matters more then saving children and we can only watch the toll, currently. May they RIP. I hope there is a heaven to protect them from us in their death. As for us, we are going straight to hell if there is. No God would allow such dangerous mentalities access to young victims a second time.
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