Sep 2011
I realize it falls short of occupying Wall St. , but I do tend these days to take advantage of our "Information Age" and let my opinions etc (man, there is a whole lot in that added to "etc"< lol

Sure, I send complaints to the programming director, perhaps we can shame them back into sense!

Here is one of my recent...

"Hello PBS Newshour,

Say, I have been watching PBS Newshour since it was the MacNeil/Lehrer hour, way back when, have subscribed for years now, I remember Judy Woodruff's first day...

And I must say, lately it seems when you have someone being interviewed... you merely "take their statement" and provide a platform for their unopposed views...

Do you ever prepare any pertinent questions for these people in advance, or is it just all now on the "fly"?

Whatever happened to "investigative" reporting we used to DEPEND ON (to borrow your old motto<) from you?

You have a budding "Fourth Reich" right under your midst in this political environment, GET ON IT!

Yes, yes, yes... I am familiar with the "Godwin Law." (whoever declared that a "law"? Ask yourself.)

Let me introduce you to the "Walks like a duck, Quacks like a duck," "law..."

Are you guys here at PH as fed up as I am, what have you sent to these lately, any good tips besides just sitting there and taking it?
60 Minutes used to be one of the top investigative programs, how many times did you see a worm squirm on that program back in the day?

Seen 'em lately?

I don't watch it anymore, I know all about coffee shops and ballet and dead philosophers than I can stomach...

Something I should have put in my PBS rant above^ "Stop DUMBING DOWN society, it might sell you more laundry detergent, but where will you be when America collapses?

("Watching it on our satellite TV from our yacht on the Cayman Islands Thx, pay the fuck attention to what's right ion front of you!" :cool:)

Thx :)
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Sep 2011
And here is one for MSNBC which I had to put on their Facebook because the "feedback" section of their website doesn't work and is nothing more than a fraud!

"Why do you spend all that money producing programs like Morning Joe, and then fail to post them on Roku so often?

Why do you do that?

Also, have you any idea how often your commercials stall and lock-up?

If I were a sponsor I wouldn't pay you for that.

And it is from your end, the commercials stall in exactly the same place each time, so you loaded it bad and never bothered to check... and just let them sit that way for two years.

A tip for you, get a Roku, hook it up and actually watch your own Roku channel and perhaps YOU can catch some of this stuff...

Oh, and there is something else you might look into, a concept called "management." "

Thx :)