Admin: Turn over your voter data. State govts. across political spectrum: Kiss my ass


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Hey guys, I'm not really sure they thought this one through... The count is now at 24, and that's hardly a mass of Left Coast #Resistance havens. For example:


Why, I do believe those are all states that Trump won, but either by the barest margins or have produced new trends of Democratic success that previously didn't exist.

If all of their elected officials feel comfortable saying, with varying levels of politeness, "Uhh file an open records request, idiot, and we'll give you the same information anyone else gets" what does that say about

A) Trump's re-election chances if the vote were held today,

B) The longterm orientation of some areas that Republicans absolutely must win in any national race ... strongholds like the Dakotas have also refused to cooperate ...

and C) The practical credibility of any "investigatory" body led by Kansas' own Kris Kobach? Consider: He has had unique prosecutorial power on election security for several years now, yet has won only a tiny handful of convictions despite claims that "millions" have committed fraud.

Kobach is also likely the guy that gets the GOP's nod for the Kansas gubernatorial race in 2018, and they desperately need to hold that seat --- it's Koch ground zero and if the Kochs can't defend their home turf, then they lose political power everywhere else.
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MY favorite part is KOBACH is demanding this on behalf TRUMP, his state ain't turning over the voter data. (You just can't make this shit up).

Wonkblog Analysis

Kris Kobach says he can’t comply with Kris Kobach’s voter data request

By Christopher Ingraham June 30 at 5:39 PM

Donald Trump greeted Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach at Trump's golf club in Bedminster Township, N.J., in November. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach co-chairs President Trump's voter fraud commission, which is tasked with finding evidence to support the president's unsubstantiated claim that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election.

Kobach recently sent letters to all 50 states asking them to provide the commission with their entire voter files. The request specifically spelled out sensitive pieces of information the commission wants to obtain, including voters names, party affiliations, military
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MY favorite part is KOBACH is demanding this on behalf of the PRES. His state ain't turning over the data!
It was reported on PBS Washington Week that Mississippi's AG told the Trump commission to go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.

Im looking for the AG's quote. I want to frame it.

I found it:

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann's response to Donald Trump's commission seeking info on all states' registered voters is "go jump in the Gulf" — he doesn't plan to provide such records.
Hosemann tells Trump commission 'go jump in the Gulf' on voter records

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A reporter and good friend of mine noticed that in that photo, which was just randomly taken by an AP photographer, Kobach had exposed the documents he was carrying to full public view. You can read most of the content on the front page.

That made the whole document a public record and it was immediately sought by Trump opponents nationwide. Kobach tried to fight it and, as is almost always the case with him and the judiciary, he lost.