Administration Denies President Trump Was Behind Jared Kushner's Promotion To Four-Star General

Jan 2016
I was trying, by the way, to post the PICTURE of Jared Kushner in his spiffy new military uniform, with his four stars befitting his new rank, but couldn't 'grab' the picture, for some reason.....It's a damned funny picture, if anyone else can get it from the link.....


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Feb 2010
Where'm I At, Doe?
"Our Dumb Century" is literally more informative than most actual history books on the 20th century.
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Jan 2019
Between Missouri-Kansas
Stolen valor overload!

I was in the Korean War...1951-1953 and later for 12 years. I received the Korea War medal and that was 66 years ago. So, How did this "RAT get w]awarded the Korean War medal? That would make him at least 86 years old, and I'm a young 89 years old. How many more "Stolen Valor" medals does he brag having earned.
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