Admit your Privilege

Jan 2019
Portland, OR
Despite what some want you to believe, many of us are born with privilege the rest of the world is born without. If you are born white and/or male, then you are born a leg up against everyone else and an establishment that will favor you over equally qualified people. You live on stolen Indian land, and emit massive amounts of CO2 that are going to make the lives of billions in the future and in developing countries a living hell. You are taking jobs and getting seats in colleges that could have gone to minorities and women if they had the same chance as you. Your ancestors enslaved African Americans for centuries and forced them into second-class status in the Jim Crow era, and there is still major discrimination now. Gays, Trans and lesbians had to hide their identities and live an empty lie for centuries or else face death, and even today face intense bullying and discrimination for being who they are. Today, many of you exploit the labor of hard-working "illegal" immigrants and still give them second class status while threatening to kick them out. This is the new Jim Crow. For a start, I'd like you to at least admit your privilege, and then we can have a real conversation about race and sex.
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Jul 2011
"privilege" is a crock. The only "privilege" one gets comes via economic success. so what.

Do you have links for any of your claims?
Let me put it this way, man.

Here, in Canada, when I went to high school after moving here, I became friends with this dude, black guy, originally from Trinidad or some place like that. Long story. We actually started off on way wrong foot, he made fun of my English my first day at the school and tried to hit me with a board/piece of wood in shop class, and I ended up taking it from him and bashing the hell out of him with it, breaking it over his back lol Both of us got kicked out for two days for that one... Later, though, we became buddies, somehow haha

Well, I was still fresh off the plane from Moscow, and still in this delinquent phase, you could say.

There was this store near the school, like 7/11, but not 7/11, a mom and pop operation, some Indian family (from India, not Native, for you Americans lmao), everyone went there to get lunch and whatnot. It's gone now, there's now an actual 7/11 in its place, which, last time I was back there made me very sad and nostalgic to see that...

Well, anyhow, I admit: I shoplifted from there back then. A lot...

Me and this Trinidadian or whatever dude would actually go there together. We knew there was an undercover plainclothes security guard they had there, he watched all us kids so we wouldn't steal anything.

Well, the guard would damn ALWAYS follow around my new (black) friend. Who would be basically distracting him. While I was actually stealing. In Russia, I was considered a "darkie", but here, it seems, I looked just white European enough that the guard and the shopkeeper behind the counter paid ZERO attention to me. True story...
Mar 2015
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I grew up mentally ill and in and out of lots of trouble. Other people went to the prom and I drew up maps of what to do if I lost my mind. I was extremely misunderstood, unlovable and now, I'm pretty much alone in the world except for my brains and my will to survive. I might not have a wife or a family, but I'm a loyal friend and I care about people. I may not be very balanced, but I'm I'm smart and I understand the world much better than it understands me.

To the OP: The LAST thing I need is for some rich snob or bleeding heart to feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for them, because no one can **** with me without getting messed up. I have more lives than a cat and more savvy than a sewer rat.

That's not privilege, it's evolutionary superiority. (evil grin)