After Pentagon wrote Goudy, STOP wasting our time, he fires back DOD is "partisan"

Jul 2015
Partisan towards whom or what?? Politically partisan? Did the DOD all of sudden become DEMOCRATS? Are they covering for Hillary? Does that sound likely? So after the Pentagon wrote Goudy and his commission and told them they are wasting money, time, resources--he writes back telling them they are PARTISAN.

Times getting really short to STICK IT TO HILLARY??

Gowdy fires back at Pentagon over Benghazi testimony

By RACHAEL BADE 05/06/16 03:39 PM EDT

In response to sharp criticism from a top military official, House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy says the Pentagon has changed key details in its timeline of the Benghazi attacks and also acknowledged that previous information presented to Congress about military readiness posturing was “incomplete.”

The South Carolina Republican sent a letter to the Department of Defense after the Pentagon criticized the panel last Friday for asking to interview more witnesses. Gowdy said it is essential for his committee to talk to military members on the ground that night, something the Pentagon is resisting — “particularly after the shifting nature of information they’d received.”

“Aside from concerns about the Department presenting inaccurate information to Congress, there is simply no investigatory rationale for failing to verify information with individuals who actually have knowledge, expertise, and first-hand information,” Gowdy wrote in the letter. “It is for this very reason the Committee must speak with all relevant witnesses and not simply rely on Department assertions, summaries, briefings and other information.”

Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Hedger complained in a letter to the committee last Thursday about its continued demands for information and witness requests. He said those inquiries were draining resources, as well as unnecessary and encouraged the panel to stick with interviews with top commanders.

In his response, Gowdy skipped over Hedger on Friday, writing back to Defense Secretary Ash Carter to complain that he felt the letter was partisan. Earlier this week he told POLITICO he thought the letter was “written to be leaked.”

“If you really have an issue with being asked hypothetical questions, all you have to do is ask me,” Gowdy said, adding that he had no idea who Hedger is since he’s never worked with him. “I’ve never had a conversation with this alleged congressional liaison. So I don’t know who the hell he is ‘congressionally liaison-ing’ with.”...

Gowdy fires back at Pentagon over Benghazi testimony - POLITICO
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It will cum down to Hillary having come stains on her blouse from Colin Powell!
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I didn't see Gowdy use the word "partisan" in your link.

Can you provide where he said that?


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Obama has his little unelected toadies make laughable demands on congress.