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Mar 2019
I agree with it in theory but it also depends on the context. For example, a local police officer that breaks rules doesnt necessarily mean the entire government is under attack. But if we are referring to say the FBI or the military as a whole, then thats a cause for concern.

20 years ago less than 10% of all search/arrest warrants were "no knock" or forcible entry warrants. Warrants where the police simply crash open the door, rush in, guns drawn, and take everyone into custody until they have found, or not, whatever or whoever was named in the warrant.

Today that number is 60% !!! WHY ??? Crime has been falling for more than 30 years now. It's at its lowest point in decades. In most cases half of what it was 25 or 30 years ago. Why are the police using such extreme force when there is no real call for it ?? When the level of crime doesn't support its use ??

Simple. After the big shoot out in California, and then 9/11 just three years later, every department, in every city of any size, set up SWAT units. The feds were practically throwing money at police departments. Now we have all these highly trained and heavily armed police units just sitting around with little real crime, much less terrorism, to fight. Big boys, with big fucking toys, and no one to shoot !!!

EVERYONE should be worried about the militarization of our police departments.

Watch this video and defend this motherf***er. Not ONLY did he not go to prison for this coldblooded murder he was REHIRED by the fucking police department for 42 days SO HE COULD APPLY FOR DISABILITY !!!!!!!!! His disability ??? PTSD FROM THE SHOOTING !!!!!!!

This should scare the absolute FUCK out every single person in this nation !!!!!! It's not just a few bad apples. It's a nationwide epidemic of murder committed by cops who rarely face justice for their actions.


Former Staff
Dec 2013
You did not agree you asked who wrote it for him. That is hateful
I said of course everyone agrees. Perhaps I wasn’t clear about with what I was talking about agreeing. I meant the quote. And because I am someone, everyone includes me.

But it was a Huckabee quote though, right? I was asking who wrote it for him (Huckabee) and why. Are you unfamiliar with how quotations work?

So again, how’s that hateful?