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Nov 2009
lol that folks are so cautious to agree with something even if it makes perfect sense. How skittish we've become in our tribalocracy.
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Apr 2012
I said of course everyone agrees. Perhaps I wasn’t clear about with what I was talking about agreeing. I meant the quote. And because I am someone, everyone includes me.

But it was a Huckabee quote though, right? I was asking who wrote it for him (Huckabee) and why. Are you unfamiliar with how quotations work?

So again, how’s that hateful?
What makes you think some one else wrote it. Are you saying he is to stupid to think of that


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Feb 2007
I do not believe this is a good thing all the time.

People that come to mind is mass shooters and pedophiles.

Hang them by the neck in the streets. Revise the laws if you have to.

Extreme or not, tell me what isn't absolutely vile and extreme about a person killing mass amounts of innocent people or stalking children sexually?

I can bet you if it was your kid the laws would matter not. In many cases the laws protect these vile people.


Mar 2019

Eddie Johnson fired. He was Chicago's Police Chief. It looks like he fell asleep in his car after drinking and then lied about it to the mayor. It's an example though of where someone who's a law enforcer turns into a law breaker, and Chicago is definitely known for trouble.
Chicago? Under Dem rule for a Century. Go figure. As for the OP? Whose quote was it? I will not take a Poll until I know the SOURCE.


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Mar 2007
The statement is true, but it needs context.

The purpose of the OP is to embolden each side toward its own self righteous view of the world.

Trump makes things up. The left employed a Palo Alto professor's social justice agenda to falsely accuse a Supreme Court nominee of rape.

Trump exaggerates. Obama destroyed the life of a video producer to cover his party's failed convention talking points.

Trump attacks and mocks people, often unfairly. Obama leftovers engineered a counter intelligence investigation to try and destroy his new Presidency.

Trump changes his mind, abandons his promises and subscribes to conspiracy theories. The left is trying to impeach him with conspiracy theories.

Nobody wins this argument because both sides are living up to the OP's negative view.
Apr 2012
I agree with it in theory but it also depends on the context. For example, a local police officer that breaks rules doesnt necessarily mean the entire government is under attack. But if we are referring to say the FBI or the military as a whole, then thats a cause for concern.
In this case the Leaders are all corrupt. The long time workers and Patriots are trying to hold it together.