Agreements with Russia cannot be trusted, period



Russian convoy heads into Georgia, violating truce - Yahoo! News

"The border has been along this river for 1,000 years," separatist official Ruslan Kishmaria told AP on Wednesday. He said Georgia would have to accept the new border and taunted the departed Georgian forces by saying they had received "American training in running away".
Soldiers waved at journalists and one soldier shouted to a photographer takning shots of the convoy: "Come with us, beauty, we're going to Tbilisi." Gori is about a 90-minute drive from the Georgian capital.
The developments came less than 12 hours after Georgia's president said he accepted a cease-fire plan intended to end the fighting that bloodied and battered the U.S. ally and uprooted an estimated 100,000 people.
So lets see....a ceasefire gets put in place...and Russia keeps going for Georgia.
And we're supposed to expect Russia to hold up its end of the bargain against Iran? How else are we supposed to interpret a violation of ceasefire?