Ai Semi-trailer truck's first commercial cross country delivery


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Huh.. well thats historic.
May 2019

Huh.. well thats historic.
It is for not encountering sleet, ice and snow. Land O'Lakes corporate office is based Arden Hills, MN that encounters that type of weather element. I wonder if the person quoted in the article understands that won't work in that type of weather, and, if so will this driver rig be limited to good driving weather climes?

The company’s system uses cameras, radar and lidar — laser-based technology to help vehicles determine distance — and handled well the different terrains and weather conditions such as rain and low visibility, he said.
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I like the Swedish Volvo one lol

Even Russia's KAMAZ is working on driverless tech

I doubt it will ever happen over there though, in Russia: their trucker unions are actually very strong and militant

In recent times, for example, they protested against the new road toll system for heavy vehicles, to be controlled by the Rotenberg oligarch clan, good friends of Putin

They went on strike, blocked roads, and even rode on Moscow. Succeeded, in the end, in getting the Rotenbergs to kick the toll amounts down quite a bit :)

They are totally willing to get violent to defend each other too, the "Long-haulers", as they are known there; here, for example, in famous TV drama of same name, now a decade ago, couple truckers called their buddies for help, after a gang of neo Nazi skinheads abducted the older one's wife, to make them pay protection money:
That's the way they are... And even the government doesn't want to mess with em, unless absolutely necessary :)