Al-Qaeda, Taliban Receive U.S. Government Contracts Despite Being Sworn Enemy


Former Staff
Dec 2006
FEMA Region 10
I think between paying the Syrian police, AQ in Syria, and now the Taliban and AQ in Afghanistan is Obama's newest jobs bill.

The treasonous bastard.

How's that sequester working for y'all?
Jan 2008
Vertiform City
lol, that's hilarious. Keep rootin for the home team!
You see what's happened here, right? At the beginning, the US was in Afghanistan to get the Taliban out, and clearly we failed in that mission. Now, we've discovered we actually have to work with them, because they have "enough" popular support to not only stay in place but actually win elections. We went in because Afghanistan was experiencing instability, and now that we're leaving we've found a simple way to correct the instability, which we could have done in the first place, and saved ourselves ten years of war and a trillion dollars. But no. The United States government is far too stupid to anything that clearheaded.
Apr 2012
South Central Pennsylvania
Well at least the sand fleas are willing to work for the money they need to but weapons to fight us with. Think what or economy would be like if the people in this country would look for a job instead of sitting at home on welfare and food stamps.