Alabama Judge Allows Teen to Sue on Behalf of Aborted Fetus

Ian Jeffrey

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Mar 2013
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No, what I am getting at is you have 2 competent parents, who are not together but both want primary custody, the courts unless there is a good reason will almost exclusively grant the mother. The mother has to fuck up to lose custody.
I dispute that premise - which is in any case not true as a matter of law. The question is the best interests of the child, even in the face of two competent parents. The question is which parent is better for the child, even assuming both are equally competent and fit. They are still different in their styles and choices for the child, and those will play into it. So will connections to other family members, and even abuse between the parents.
Jun 2011
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I've read about that. As far as I'm concerned any man who does that should face assault charges.
Everyone here argued with me that is sexual assault when I relayed that it happened to me in college. I agreed to sex with a condom, not without one. Entirely different thing. I was worried about pregnancy, STDs, etc. I called the police and they said yes, that is a type of sexual assault. I didn't prosecute. I was thinking about it and guess I had told a friend who told her bf.

I was mobbed by a bunch of frat guys who said they'd testify this and that and I better keep my mouth shut. Interesting ending to that story. It was the guy who did it who got me out. I was surrounded and yelled for someone to get _____. He came straight to me and drove me home. It was a dick move what he did, but he wasn't a total dick if that makes any sense. Hopefully he learned a lesson that is not cool.

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