All 2020 democrats, except Warren, beat Trump in NH

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
I don't see Liz Warren as having an attractive personality. I watch and hear her talk, and she doesn't seem likeable to me. Obama on the other hand was very charismatic and had a likeable personality. So in that way, she's like Hillary.
I think she can be personable, but I dont like her when she says "we need to get rid of insurance companies" or "we need to forgive all student loan debt." While they may be needed things, one cant talk about it like that. It has to be changed in a calculated and careful manner. A lot of people could lose their livelihood or it could cause taxes to rise if implemented too quickly. She really sounds a lot like a female Sanders on many issues. She just comes off as the nicer, calmer version.
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May 2016
Warren will have to capitalize on her being a female and appealing to the far left radicals but still not alienating left centralists. That's just to get democrats on board. But who cares about anybody else.