All I want for Xmas or New Year! Is a confirm public KILL! aka: 5-O' the Lead Pumper!

Feb 2013
<«-------†------»> Floating Between Dimensions.
What do you expect from morons who hate police?
IT would be nice if hate was my driving force on issue, it would make me a 80% goper. but alas hate is not required to understand how the systems works and is abused by pigers and other above them.


Former Staff
Feb 2007
Because you take cynicism to the nth degree that by the end of your OP, we know more about you - more of you is injected into the story than anything. You come off as very crass, by definition, to the letter.
Now I'm being clear that I'm not personally attacking you. You're more than welcome to be who you are and I'm not bitching or moaning about that. No offense intended. But you asked.

Protip: It's very difficult having a conversation with someone like that.
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