America! Ford dealership gives Bible, flag, AR-15 voucher to buyers


Apr 2015
No, I was referring to your behavior here. Aren’t you supposed to be setting a good example here? You keep hurling backhanded insults, and that’s not right.
Or just having a little fun, I was agreeing the Taurus was a shitty car. And really, have you ever seen a conservative bumper sticker on a Prius, which actually turned out to be a good car? And I am plagued by Prius drivers thinking that it is cool to drive the speed limit in the hammer lane.


Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
In reality, the promotion is just a flag and a Bible which in total probably cost less than $100. With the $400 gun voucher, the customer will have the option of applying that to the price of the vehicle. Basically, they are advertising a $500 discount. When smart people hear that a ford dealership is advertising a $500 discount, they know that it isn’t anything to get excited about. This story demonstrates that the target market for the advertising is dumb people.
The Trump campaign targeted the most gullible and easily manipulated voting bloc in America history for a reason.
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