America Will Never Be A Socialist Country

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
You have the definition correct. I'm surprised John T. liked that, as he called my earlier dictionary quote "fake news," even though it was exactly the same.

You're just wrong about Democrats, or anyone else, wanting socialism, real socialism as defined by Webster, tried in the USA. That's not true, and you can't back up your statement.

And those old racist Southern Democrats may not have embraced the Republican Party, but they're no longer around and have nothing to do with today's Democratic Party.
Who is Virginia Governor Ralph Northam?

Here's a hint ......

He's not a Republican.

How about Virginia AG Mark Herring?

Yeah ..... not a Republican either.

Clearly .... these are "Old Racist Southern Democrats" from today ... who are currently in office !!!!
Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
I have seen people change. I was raised in a Democrat household. Republicans were the Party of the "rich", but when I moved out on my own, served my country, and got married, I changed. Ronald Reagan was a big reason why I am a conservative today.

But, for the most part, I agree with you. Once a leftists -- always a leftists. And, the truth be damned!
I changed.
I was a Republican for many years, starting with the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. It was Trump who changed me. When the Republican Party want "batshit crazy" (Lindsey Graham's words, not mine) and nominated a "fraud and conman" (Mitt Romney's words, not mine) as president of the United States, I re registered.

Now, since I still am convinced that Trump is a fraud and conman, as well as a lifelong Democrat, you think I'm a partisan Democrat.

That's simply not so.

You no doubt think I voted for Hillary.

That's not so, either. I voted against both of the mainstream candidates last time around.

But, then, I've voted third party before. I'm not a loyal member of either party like you and John T evidently are.

Given who now leads the new and redesigned Republican Party, you'd do well to re examine your loyalties.

But, you won't. You're convinced that Republicans are the good guys and the conservatives, while Democrats are evil leftists.
Jan 2016
Actually, there are some parallels between what happened in Venezuela and this particular period in US history.

Doesnt that describe the struggle trump is leading between himself and "the deep state".

Careful what you wish for, John.
Yes, it is populism that generally causes hyper-inflations, rather than socialism, per se.

South America has a long history of hyper-inflations, of course. Venezuela is just the latest example. Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia: those countries have all experienced hyper-inflations in their past. And in EVERY case, it was a POPULIST government, where the central bank was under the complete control of El Presidente, that triggered the hyper-inflation, by simply giving the people what they WANTED! And what did they want? Why, MORE MONEY!!

It's like that silly Discover card commercial where the Asian woman gets all excited upon discovering that Discover Card has deposited some money in her account at the end of her first year and starts GROWLING with greedy joy: "More Money! GRRRROWWL! YEAH More MONEY!!"

THAT'S how you get hyper-inflations, children. From POPULIST governments.
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Jan 2016
Credentials doesn't give her common sense and certainly doesn't mean she has our best interests in mind.
I feel genuinely sorry for you if you think Donald Trump has YOUR best interests in mind.

Bill Maher: "When Donald Trump says he is looking out for 'the little guy', he's talking about his dick."
Jan 2016
The fact that Republicans overwhelmingly voted for the Civil Rights Act and the Democrats did not, should tell you which Party was serious about Civil Rights. The GOP were united in 1964. Not so much today.
Yes indeed. The parties have done a COMPLETE switcheroo since 1964. Nowadays it is the REPUBLICAN Party that is always trying to deprive minorities of their voting rights, seeking to end affirmative action, and etc.

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