America Will Never Be A Socialist Country

Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
The only thing you posted is what the fake news MSM tells you.

AOC is extremely uneducated.

I am sure she too has some canned fantasized definition of Socialism that is as far from reality as her education.

AOC is a laughing stock .....

Even within her own party.

This indoctrinated SJW will do irreparable damage to the Democrat Party.
Then what are you people so afraid of?
Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
LMAO @ you history revisionist.

It is shocking what you people believe.

Absolutely shocking ....

Bleat, bleat ....
Damn , how can you be sp purposely clueless, such a liar?
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed on July, 2, 1964
At that time there were 67 Democrats in the Senate and 33 Republicans.
In the HOR there were 258 Democrats and 176 Republicans.
LBJ , a Democrat, was the President.

Damn, all the fuck you need is thast ability to read.
What the fuck is WRONG with you?
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Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
She managed to figure out how to win an election - quite an accomplishment for the first time out.
Isn't that what the RW Republicans are always bragging about concerning Trump?
Yeah, he's a conman, yeah he's a liar, yeah he has no experience, yeah he's a sexist foul-mouth BUT he's a WINNER!!!
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Feb 2019

Watch Bernie Sanders at the end of the video.

Not only does that Communist POS not stand when all the other American Patriots stand ... look at his face.

Sanders looks like the President just pissed in his Cheerios.

It truly was a Great Night for America and a really bad night for Bernie, AOC, and all the other DSA's!!!

Rupert Murdoch, (creator of FoxNews, the world's most watched news source) once said in a mid-90s National Review article that the United States was a model of "Neo-Socialism." He claimed that socialism was government ownership and control of all the means of production. He claimed the America model left out the necessity of actually buying or producing those sources of production, since they were already there. It's just a matter of government control of those sources, hence his term.

Food for thought.

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