American Guilt


American Dreamer

I'm coming to find Americans don't want a country or feel that it isn't their right to have one - that they feel they should constantly spend hundreds of billions a year on foreign aid - and that they don't have the right to stabalize violatile regions in the world.

There can only be one cause for such attitudes - and that is guilt. We feel guilty that there are so many rich and undeserving in this nation, when there are tons of hardworking peoples all over the world. The truth of the matter is though - AMERICA MADE AMERICA - not some outside force - not even immigration. We the people - AMERICANS - have made this country what a pathetic thing it is today. It used to be a strong epicenter of culture, wealth, and freedom - only now this urban sprawl of filth, drug addicts, and careless government recipients - we now have a country run by an extremely immature populas - one that can't even protect it's own sovereignty - or evolve and develop it's own policies in it's ever changing future.

Even it's government is disfunctional - everyone has said that both in the 2000 and 2001 presidential electiosn that nobody especially liked either candidates - just they were voting for the "lesser of two evils". The war in Iraq has been poorly mismanaged - and with Bush as president - a diplomatic blunder. Why the hell would we have a redneck christian of all people lead a free country to war against the heartland one of the most fundamental cultures in the world? Surely the middle east needs peace and prosperity - but many of our past presidents would've been a much better example of a humbling america. I'll admit - I voted for Bush both times - but that doesn't mean he's a cocky asshole unfit for the job. Both Gore and Kerry were poser weridos that have the wrong way about healthcare. Hell if you want to solve the healthcare crisis - you build more hospitals and train more doctors - making it overall more competitive. I see no real progressive move in this direction, except for nurses.

All in all I feel that this country has lost it's ability to truly do what is right through a deep unfounded guilt that we are the cause for the world's problems and that we should be the cradle for all the world's problems.