American journalism is dead.

Apr 2018
New Hampshire
The American people are witnessing the final throes of the Fourth Estate in the most powerful democracy on Earth. In 2016 there was an awakening among the people that something was very wrong with a leadership that was mirroring European elitism, walking so far in front that they lost sight of those they were leading.

The appalled masses acted by electing a political rank amateur to make the needed correction to getting us back on track to putting the real power back in the hands of the people. The reaction among the elites was swift and sure. They concocted a scenario that only makes sense to generations of human zoo animals on psychotropic drugs.

They sought out British agent Christopher Steele, a willing co-conspirator, to plant a trail of ridiculous phony evidence to convince segments of the population that the president was a Russian operative in the midst of planning some kind of Bolshevik revolution to take over the United States by stealing the election.

Journalism no longer exists in the United States as a dispassionate, fact-finding apparatus of democracy. Any pretense of professionalism and dedication to finding truth was dropped in 2008 when presidential candidate, Barack Obama, was described with the racially-tinged words of prominent Democrats, Harry Reid and Joe Biden, as a “light-skinned, articulate and clean young man who spoke with no Negro dialect”. American media looked the other way.

American journalism promptly went from questioning skepticism to sycophantic, genuflecting, industrialized propaganda and today there are still millions who see nothing wrong with Obama’s furtive, redacted past that almost certainly reveals he applied to all his schools as a Kenyan foreign exchange student.

Once American journalism became a willing accomplice to elitist oppression the next logical step was to launch a propaganda campaign against a threatening political upstart that was spilling the beans on the plan.

The jaundiced condition of the Fourth Estate is taking yellow journalism mainstream and it is no longer trusted by the majority of the people. It must be redefined as partisan propaganda profiteering disguised as fact finding. When websites like Buzzfeed lead the way as tabloid toilets one must question if newspapers are even worth purchasing.

Another favorite ploy of modern journalism is to ignore real news to make its own phony headlines. The Women’s March was dwarfed by right-to-life marchers. The state media covered the wrong event as usual.


Former Staff
Apr 2007
Deep State
Trump is Charles Foster Kane WITHOUT a publishing empire, maybe because today all you need is Twitter and maybe a co-opted cable news network. The original yellow journalism in America was the voice of robber-barons...very much like Trump.

I dunno Ray9, I applaud you starting a good topic, but the OP is disappointingly conspiratorial. I thought we were going to talk about journalism.

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