Americans backed Russia in Crimea War

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Jul 2011
US public opinion was generally pro-Russian during the Crimean War … There was a general sympathy for the Russians as an underdog fighting against England, the old imperial enemy, as well as a fear that if Britain won the war against Russia it would be more inclined to meddle once again in the affairs of the United States. … Commercial contracts were signed between the Russians and the Americans. A US military delegation (including George B. McClellan…) went to Russia to advise the army. American citizens sent arms and munitions to Russia… American volunteers went to Crimea to fight or serve as engineers on the Russian side. Forty US doctors were attached to the medical department of the Russian Army.
From Siberia to Crimea: The Revenge of History in US-Russian Relations

Amazing. I did not know this...
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Jan 2016
Heh, I have a thick book on the Crimean War somewhere in my personal library, and I've had it for probably five years now, but have just not gotten around to reading it yet! Maybe now I will at some point in the next year or two, now that I've retired! I've always wanted to learn more about that conflict.....
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