Americans liked Trump's SOTU address

Nov 2016
Tell me if I've missed something, but I thought this was an internet forum, not a court of law.

Many of you are spouting things like "Trump's speech was full of lies". Going with your line of thinking they need to prove it.

As a joke I'll say I'm here to test the temperature of the water in the boiling pot.

In fact, it seems that today I'm here to like posts by Ford' and Spyydrr and see what kind of replies they get.
Yes you missed something. In an honest debate (that IS what you were looking for when you came here, right?), when a debater makes a claim, he/she is expected to provide credible evidence to back it up. The same applies on an Internet forum. If you make a claim without substantiation, then you’d better be ready to take the flak you earn for not bothering.

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