America's Hot New Export

Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
When visiting a foreign country, the first rule is "Don't fuck with the locals".

(am thinking those words of wisdom came from Hunter S. Thompson. But regardless of who said it first...they are still wise words.)

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Dec 2013
Interesting that they aren't arresting him on a crime, but because of some potential words he might use in the future.

On behalf of what some killer did years before.

I know the push seems like the right thing to do, but then you make a risk that people will hold those values in esteem.

Like people did with the Christchurch shooter.

It's like that quote from star wars; "the tighter you grip, the more slips through your fingers."
Too bad that the point of beating Hitler was to maintain a free world and not fall into tyrannical rule.
Is it tyrannical to refuse that someone foreignwhose reputation is made of racism, verbal violence etc... is not authorized to speak in front of an audience ? After all the USA did not authorize people who were communist to get a visa even if they would come with no intention to speak in public etc....