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May 2018
In every man's dreams
I just read a post that completely resonated (in a galaxy far, far away) by a poster named Reim Antoinette. I give her name because I had to request her permission to share her post (which she was kind enough to grant.) Her post was in response to another poster's claim that feminism directly competes with classic male gender.

As stated above, the following are not my own words, but sometimes I see all the words italicized and I just sort of skip over them sooooo ....


Could people who don't understand the basic tenants of movements please stop talking about them? Yes, Feminism looks at gender roles and says "Fuck this, there's no puropose for it!" because, well, there isn't. What the hell is so productive about them? They don't help innovation.
Well honey, I'd have to say there is - keeping men of the ickier variety away from women who are above their station is in every woman's best interest.

In fact, I'd say telling half of the human population that they can't do something hinders innovation. If you find that you like the classic male identity, fine, keep that for yourself. If a women wants to be a housewife who takes care of her husband. Cool, good for her. And if you find that you don't fit either or, hey, don't feel like you have a gender at all, good for you too!

The problem that Feminists take with this idea of 'male identity' is that it often involves being sexist, homophobic, and transphobic. There are plenty of men who support Feminism, plenty of them are white, cis, straight men. Yet, they don't seem to have any problem accepting that they have a privilege that over half of the population doesn't. Do you see why Feminists would have a problem with this idea of 'male identity'? Honestly, I don't care if you're a walking sterotype, and I'll happily debate anyone who thinks that way. As long as you accept that you're playing the game of life on the easiest setting, I don't care. I'm not exactly the most butch-y girl (does that make any sense? Oh, I hope that maeks sense). I wear dresses and make-up. I like pink. I usually squee when I see cute animals and characters that I have crushes on (granted, they're more like 'oh my god your so clever I just want to take tea and talk and oh my god your wonderful. And the characters are usually magnificient bastards who spend most of their time manipulaiting everyone in the universe. And lots of villains. And they're all girls. Still, it's squeeing. And it can be loud.)

Author: Reim Antoinette

^^ who hopefully will swing by and say hey, and maybe discuss the subject further! :)
Women of higher station have always been outperforming grubbier men and skankier women historically, ancient Egypt had her Cleopatra; France had her Jean d'arc; India had her Mother Teresa.

So if there is a problem, I would say it is that modern, consumerist "feminism" is something of a bastardization of feminine philosophy - having been appropriated by ugly corporations, usually dominated by grubby males, and marketed to the same common denominator who treats Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shore as something intellectually stimulating.

I call it "trailer park" feminism since that's the caliber of women much of it seems to be marketed to - the kind of girl one had to worry about trying to steal her prom date, he he


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Aug 2006
I'm a feminist in that I have a daughter who is my best friend, I want for her every opportunity afforded to anyone else and I want her safe.

What I do not want, and cannot identify with, are people who feel the need to tear down boys or make them feel guilty about being boys, wanting "boy things", or identifying with alpha Male behaviors.
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