An open discussion on feminism


Former Staff
Dec 2010
Well honey, I'd have to say there is - keeping men of the ickier variety away from women who are above their station is in every woman's best interest.

Women of higher station have always been outperforming grubbier men and skankier women historically, ancient Egypt had her Cleopatra; France had her Jean d'arc; India had her Mother Teresa.

So if there is a problem, I would say it is that modern, consumerist "feminism" is something of a bastardization of feminine philosophy - having been appropriated by ugly corporations, usually dominated by grubby males, and marketed to the same common denominator who treats Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shore as something intellectually stimulating.

I call it "trailer park" feminism since that's the caliber of women much of it seems to be marketed to - the kind of girl one had to worry about trying to steal her prom date, he he
Don’t call me honey.