And yet another, unnecessary, law is proposed

Dec 2010
'Think Before You Ink' Law May Put a 24-Hour Waiting Period on Tattoos, Piercings

Sept. 8, 2013


Washington, D.C., lawmakers are considering a plan to save people from themselves by putting an end to those late-night stumbles into a tattoo parlor for some fresh ink or a piercing.

The city's department of health proposed a 24-hour mandatory waiting period for people who want to get a tattoo or a piercing, citing public safety issues, according to draft regulations released Friday.

The law would force body art businesses to "ensure that no tattoo artist applies any tattoo to a customer until after 24 hours have passed since the customer first requested the tattoo," according to the draft regulations. The same would apply for body piercings.
Washington D.C. Tattoo Parlors Threatened by Proposed Body Art Waiting Period - ABC News

I don't really know where to begin on this nonsense. My agency has regulations on tattoos, and while I'm not overjoyed by them, I can understand the "why" of it. There is a, bona fide, interest in the agency not wanting personnel to display tattoos while in equipment that is marked with an agency logo. It's the same interest that the military has: Consistency in appearance and public perception.

Yes, I have tattoos, and they're pretty standard: A USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor (Upper Arm), an image of Wiley Coyote flipping the bird (shoulder), and an image from when I was in a particular unit in the Marines (upper arm). None of my tats are visible below where a short sleeve shirt would "break" on my arm. A 24 hour waiting period wouldn't have deterred me from getting a tattoo, if USMC regulations did not do so.

I guess my question is this: Do we really NEED the government to pass this kind of law? Wouldn't their time (and our tax dollars) be better spent on more serious issues?


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If this is how they want to play it maybe they should consider a law removing swedish fish and plastic yo-yos from check out isles.
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