and yet the right claims it isn't a witch hunt...

Apr 2012
Right. You wanna play that silly game? How about FDR arresting people for charging less than the gubmint's prescribed rate?

You want to talk about failure? There's plenty on "your" side, pal. Plenty.
That story was 80 years ago,and I have to admit I have not heard it,But then,my Dad was on WPA for a very short time,until he went to work for the Railroad, so I know what FDR was trying to accomplish.

I remember bare hills being planted with tiny Trees by the CCC,that Roosevelt created for young men. They are huge forests now in Southern Ohio.

I never heard the arrest story.
Dec 2010
the atlantic story is just as misleading as the daily caller story.
No, it's not. It clearly states that there is no evidence to support the claim that the head of the IRS met 157 times with President Obama. It further states that the Daily Caller misrepresented scheduled meetings as meetings the head of the IRS actually attended. In addition it says that the records clearly show that the vast majority of the meetings the head of the IRS did attend occurred in other parts of the whitehouse complex and not in the whitehouse itself. That's pretty unequivocal (and non-misleading) debunking of the right wing bullshit published by the daily caller.
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Apr 2012
And I'm responding to your ridiculous response.

If anyone's failed around here it's the Democrats.

They failed to impeach Bush, for starters. Took the whole concept off the table, for some reason. :smiley-shrug:

Then they failed to deliver a workable healthcare product, even the people who created it say the one we ended up with is the biggest boondoggle ever.

Then they failed to fix the economy, in spite of several trillion dollars worth of stimulus (and the damn fools are still screaming "it isn't enough"). :mad:

This administration failed to deliver transparency, failed to correct any of the Bush-era excesses, .... I could go on. Let's just say they've failed.

They even failed to tell a decent lie. They can't even do that right.

The word "incompetent" doesn't even begin to describe the level of failure.

BushCo was pretty sorry, but this current thing is a complete clown parade.

Pretty Sorry???? Bush created the whole mess you are now complaining, Obama is not cleaning up fast enough!

I have a solution! Tell McConnell,Boehner,and the rest of your dead heads to get out of the way. Replace them with some one who cares about you!

You have the chance to do that in 2014! Will you,or will you just continue to complain? Your choice!
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May 2013
North East
The Fake Story About the IRS Commissioner and the White House

White House records show Douglas Shulman signed in for 11 visits, not 157, between 2009 and 2012.

Garance Franke-RutaMay 31 2013, 10:35 AM ET

The latest twist in the conservative effort to tie the IRS tax-exempt targeting scandal to the president is to focus on public visitor records released by the White House, in which former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman's name appears 157 times between 2009 and 2012. Unfortunately, few of those pushing this line have bothered to read more than the topline of that public information. Bill O'Reilly on Thursday called them the "smoking gun" and demanded of Shulman, "You must explain under oath what you were doing at the White House on 157 separate occasions." His statement built on a Daily Caller story, "IRS's Shulman had more public White House visits than any Cabinet member." An Investors Business Daily story and slew of blog items repeated the charges.

"The alibi the White House has wedded itself to is that it had to work closely with the IRS to implement ObamaCare," the Investor's Business Daily has written -- as if that were not true.

And yet the public meeting schedules available for review to any media outlet show that very thing: Shulman was cleared primarily to meet with administration staffers involved in implementation of the health-care reform bill. He was cleared 40 times to meet with Obama's director of the Office of Health Reform, and a further 80 times for the biweekly health reform deputies meetings and others set up by aides involved with the health-care law implementation efforts. That's 76 percent of his planned White House visits just there, before you even add in all the meetings with Office of Management and Budget personnel also involved in health reform.
The Fake Story About the IRS Commissioner and the White House - Garance Franke-Ruta - The Atlantic

So, let's see: Information, that disproves the rightwing allegations, is ignored and information adverse to the administration is leaked.

A, false, comparison is made between: an administration that maintained no public records of how many times the head of the IRS visited the white house and one that has provided imperfect records. Of course the scandal mongers don't disclose the fact that they don't have a true "apples-to-apples" comparison, precisely because the former administration did not make such records public and the system is imperfect.

A, false, presentation of facts: The Whitehouse complex consists of more than the Presidential residence. The scandal mongers fail to articulate this fact...and also fail to articulate that the head of the IRS was scheduled to attend meetings in places OTHER than the Presidential Residence (the vast majority of the time).

Finally, the scandal mongers fail to show how many of the alleged meetings actually occurred (and of that number, how many times the head of the IRS was actually in attendance.)

There is much less here than meets the eye, but the right WILL have their witch hunt.
The irony of all of this is that the GOP has trouble managing real scandals because, due to the tireless exhortations of grassroots salt-of-the-earth folks , they have long since stopped being able to tell what a real scandal actually is.
They cry wolf so often that people who care about specific malfeasance end up being so sick of GOP bloviating that even they roll their eyes.
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Apr 2012
What I see,is they try one thing,if that does not stick,they bring in another from80 years ago,no less.

Desperation is the name of the game,and when you become desperate,you lose. There is no rhyme or reason,just plain rage.

Like,"Bush was a sorry mess." That is the under statement of the year!
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Jun 2013
It makes for great comedy, but it's killing their party. And they don't even care!
Exactly, they lost on two smears and are holding on to this one for dear won't work.

If they would only put as much time into building up their own party, but of course not much to work with in my opinion.
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