Andrew Yang - Automation, UBI, Tech, Run for Presidency


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My keyboard player brought this guy up last night. I watched this video where he is on BCP 105.1 explaining his platform and why he has targeted these specifically.

Yang2020 - Andrew Yang for President - more about him
Our Policies - Andrew Yang for President - his policies

Yang is a business man and has zero experience in politics, however he does have some good perspectives and though I don't totally agree with his solutions, he is taking a pretty interesting approach to them.

UBI - policy where every person in society gets a minimum income
Medicare for All - self explanatory
Human centered Capitalism - maximize humans, over money - this I agree with 110%.
AI-worker displacement solutions

I'm going to follow this guy closely and see how it goes down. I don't think he has a snowballs chance in hell, but we don't necessarily need a perfect president. We need a ton of people involved in our society, offering ideas and having ears willing to at least listen.


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Fascinating.. Foxnews' Tucker and Cavuto are supportive of Yang. heck, even the Foxnews youtube comments section are mostly supportive of him.

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What an interesting candidate. This gentleman certainly understands the future and he appears to have what it takes to deal with the socio-economic upheavals arising form the expected leaps in technological development.