Another military WWII history thread


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Once we get our "Space Force" operational, we will know longer need carriers, we can use kinetic strikes from orbit to neutralize ground targets.:icon_ohyeah:
you and trump been watching GI Joe again?

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Na, I read this back in the 1950's:

Starship Troopers brought to an end Heinlein's series of juvenile novels. It became one of his best-selling books, and is considered his most widely known work.[10] It won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1960,[3] and garnered praise from reviewers for its scenes of training and combat and its visualization of a future military.[11][12] It also became enormously controversial because of the political views it seemed to support. Reviewers were strongly critical of the book's intentional glorification of the military,[13][14] an aspect described as propaganda and likened to recruitment.[15] The ideology of militarism and the fact that only military veterans had the right to vote in the novel's fictional society led to it being frequently described as fascist.[14][16][17] Others disagree, arguing that Heinlein was only exploring the idea of limiting the right to vote to a certain group of people.[18] Heinlein's depiction of gender has also been questioned, while reviewers have said that the terms used to describe the aliens were akin to racial epithets.[19

Some people probably saw the movie, a schlock POS....if there was ever one.
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