Another new 737 crashes

Jul 2014
Read the detail about the "trailing smoke" in the paper this morning. Also stated that the plane reportedly rolled twice before hitting the ground.

Seems like the viable possibility of a malicious act may still be on the table.

Everything should be on the table until the investigation rules it out.

Trailing smoke and/or fire, if true, sounds pretty ominous...
Jan 2007
Complex automation systems , need experienced pilots to know how to manually intervene in a bad situation. having a problem at 8,000 feet allows far less reaction time then at 35,000 feet to work out a solution.

Input sensors giving bad information to automation flight systems , need skilled pilots to take over.
Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
Not something that Boeing (obviously) can be saying out loud.....But they have to be praying to gawd this turns out to be a terrorist attack.


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