Another University Just Blocked Ben Shapiro From Speaking

Dec 2018
nope. Generally speaking, speech in of itself is protected. Hate speech is protected as well. But, not all the time. Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

I actually think that he should be allowed to speak.

hateful message may be punished, if in a particular context it directly causes certain specific, imminent, serious harm — such as a genuine threat that means to instill a reasonable fear on the part of the person at whom the threat is targeted that he or she is going be subject to violence.
Your source. It has to be a threat. A credible real threat. That isn’t “hate speech.” Hate speech has no legal definition. Nor should it. Your source even argued that (openly stating it does more harm than good). Threats are not “hate speech.” Nor is it free speech. It is a credible threat. Which is under a totally different legal definition.

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