Another WH'r BITES the dust! FOX EXEC, Bill Shine, 6TH COMMs DIRECTOR fired after 8 months.

Jul 2015
"Wasn't getting the results the President expected." Turns out apparently NO ONE knew it was coming. (Hey, Sarah and Kellann, keep that resume up to date).

Shine, a former Fox News executive, will serve as a senior adviser and spend 'more time with my family,' he said.

‘It’s a shock’: Fox News reporter stunned by Bill Shine’s abrupt White House exit

08 MAR 2019 AT 11:54 ET

White House photo of Kellyanne Conway, Bill Shine and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the Oval Office.

Former Fox News executive Bill Shine has reportedly resigned from the Trump White House — just over seven months after he joined it.

Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Jacobs tweeted that Shine resigned from his communications strategist position on Friday morning but is still going to serve as a senior adviser to the 2020 Trump campaign.

Jennifer Jacobs


BREAKING: Trump’s communications strategist, Bill Shine, a former Fox News exec, is out.
Jennifer Jacobs

“Bill Shine offered his resignation to the President yesterday evening, and the President accepted. Bill continues to support President Trump and his agenda and will serve as Senior Advisor to the 2020 re-election campaign,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders says in statement.
New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers noted that although there was some tension between Trump and Shine in the White House because the former Fox News exec “wasn’t getting the results” the president expected, his allies in the administration were “surprised” by the announcement.

Katie Rogers

.@maggieNYT & I reported in January that Shine wasn’t getting the results POTUS expected. Chemistry continued to fizzle in recent weeks, and Shine was absent at big moments, but his resignation still surprised his allies inside the WH, I am told.​


Jul 2014
Bill Shine, the former Fox News executive who joined the White House eight months ago as President Trump’s top communications adviser, has resigned abruptly, the White House announced Friday. A former president of Fox News and protege of the late Roger Ailes, Shine, 55, was recruited to the White House last July by Trump to help buff the president’s public image and direct his communications strategy.

In recent months, however, Trump has complained about his media coverage and blamed Shine in part for not making it more positive, according to current and former administration officials.

Shine becomes the latest in a long run of top communications officials to depart the Trump White House. His predecessors included Hope Hicks, Anthony Scaramucci and Michael Dubke, as well as Sean Spicer, who initially held the dual roles of press secretary and communications director.

Geez, when you are unhappy with a former Fox News Executive.

Maybe he's thinking of hiring a robot for the Communication role - that only spouts "positive" things about him?

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Jul 2015
Says here that he resigned to join the 2020 Trump campaign.

Former Fox News executive Bill Shine has resigned as White House communications director and has joined President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign as a senior adviser.

WH communications director Bill Shine resigns - ABC 36 News
It was not immediately clear whether the president urged Shine to resign, but Trump allies say the president never developed a strong rapport with him.
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Apparently even Foxy Bill wasn't "Trumpy" enough for Trump.
Fucking AMAZING!
Who wants to be number 7 in two years - Mebbe The Mooch can make a comeback?

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